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K.O. Corral Dice Game

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The K.O. Corral has been overrun by legendary villains and outlaws! As one of the frontier's best Bounty Hunters it’s up to YOU to stop them. Roll the dice to gain bullets and take your shot at the outlaws! If you take them down, collect all the rewards on the Wanted Posters. There's no honor in the Old West, put another player's Bounty Hunter right out there with the outlaws where they’re in peril. You're a dead shot at first but as you ride further from town your shots get harder. Be the first player to collect all the Gold, gain all the Fame and ride your trusty horse off into the sunset to WIN!


*All products sold in full case pack quantity increments 

Retail Package PDQ Display
Retail Package Dims 12in x 12in x 3in
Case Pack Quantity 3 Pieces
Master Carton Dims 12in x 12in x 3in
Carton Volume 0.9986 cub.ft.
Weight 2.27 lbs